China pv stent market situation and development trend forecast analysis In 2020

Zhongshang intelligence network news: photovoltaic stents is to support, fixed in a photovoltaic system, turn the photovoltaic modules and special equipment design and installation.Is the indispensable important component in the photovoltaic power generation systems, belong to the state to speed up the cultivation and development of seven strategic emerging industries in the new energy industry.

Photovoltaic (pv) of new power capacity increases, continue to pull photovoltaic stents

In recent years, the global photovoltaic (pv) of new power capacity increasing scale.Although China influenced by photovoltaic New Deal “, “531, 2018 and 2019, the domestic photovoltaic (pv) of new power capacity decline, but thanks to the rapid development of emerging photovoltaic markets such as India, Mexico, and the European market recovery.With ascension photovoltaic technology, photovoltaic power generation to reduce costs, and photovoltaic power generation has a broad space for growth in the future.Photovoltaic (pv) stents as one of the key equipment of photovoltaic power station, will increase as the global photovoltaic power station with the increase of the installed capacity growth.1-2 quarter of 2020 the new photovoltaic installed 11.52 million kw.


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Data sources: National Energy Administration, zhongshang industry research institute

Photovoltaic (pv) stent industry development trend

1. The photovoltaic stents growing status in power system
As the building photovoltaic power station quality site has decreased, more and more photovoltaic power station construction in the uneven regional conditions, land building photovoltaic power station.It’s on the photovoltaic stents stability reliability higher requirements are put forward.At the same time, under the background of pv subsidies gradually TuiPo, photovoltaic (pv) stents as authors important product efficiency, improve the efficiency of the power plant investment, in power stations in the investment industry has a crucial position.

2. Tracking stents niche products accounted for a steady rise
With tracking stents improve reliability, the cost is reduced, and photovoltaic parity Internet trend reversed transmission factors such as the investors pay more attention to power generating efficiency, more and more popular in recent years, photovoltaic tracking stents.From a global perspective, at present still in the americas is a key market for photovoltaic tracking stents, accounts for more than half of global demand for tracking stents, including the United States the largest market for the global track stents.But many emerging photovoltaic market in recent years, especially in the asia-pacific, the Middle East, Australia and Africa, track support demand is also booming.

3. The rise of centralized power stations accounted, enhance the market demand for tracking stents
Solar photovoltaic power plant at the present stage dominated by centralized, in the long term distributed proportion will be recovered, eventually forming the pattern of centralized and distributed power plants pay equal attention to both.In 2019, according to large ground centralized photovoltaic power station accounted for about sixty percent of the pv application market;The distributed power station accounts for about forty percent.As the uhv project to be delivered to the outside, large parity with the base implementation of the project, is expected in the next few years a large ground station installed capacity proportion will rise further, centralized photovoltaic power station proportion will rise.

4. Present the trend of high power photovoltaic components, photovoltaic stent market space
In recent years, photovoltaic components showed a trend of high power changes.In the future, benefit from the ascension of all types of power battery components, heterojunction, N – PERT/TOPCon expansion multiple factors such as high power battery slice superimposition, photovoltaic modules power will continue to rise., according to data from 2017 to 2019, the domestic photovoltaic power station photovoltaic modules of average power 313 w, 331 w and 358 w respectively.Predict 2023 our pv module average power is 420 w.


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Data sources: the Chinese photovoltaic industry association, the Chinese commerce industry research institute

5. A new generation of information technology and photovoltaic stents depth fusion, effectively promote the intelligent of photovoltaic power station
As artificial intelligence, Internet of things, big data such as the rapid development of a new generation of information technology, the photovoltaic industry leading enterprises have begun to try to apply the light volt stents..Future photovoltaic power station to automatic, efficient and intelligent development, and photovoltaic (pv) will become a new generation of information technology supporting system in one of the important application scenario of photovoltaic power station project, to improve the whole power plant generating capacity, reduce the investment and operational cost, eventually increase the return on investment.

6. China’s international status significantly improve pv stent industry
In recent years, China pv market and industrial chain advantage has made full play in the industry of photovoltaic stents.China solar stent manufacturers in domestic pv market demand at the same time, overseas markets, some companies have begun to layout in endogenous growth, external acquisition way, significantly improved the market share in global pv stents.

For more information please refer to the zhongshang industry institute released “2020-2025 China pv stent industry market prospect and investment opportunity study, zhongshang industry research institute at the same time also provide industry big data, industry planning planning, industrial park planning, industrial investment solutions.

Post time: Dec-25-2020