steel market price prediction On December 25


Hot-rolled coil: on December 24, 24 major cities in China 4.75 mm hot rolled plate volume average price 4857 yuan/ton, compared with the previous trading day down 43 yuan/ton.Yesterday black weaker commodity futures market volatility, the spot market in early trading quote business agent rose slightly, but rose after clinch a deal the lack of power, as the disk, the weaker the afternoon businessman price began to fall, fall after clinch a deal can be low, high remains poor.This net data released this week steel production continues to fall, factory, clubs are divided by the library to drop, but the club library drop significantly narrowed, this week has a new repair in north China, east China have a new production, the overall yield is still in decline, supply next week is expected to rebound, club master if import resources reduction, lead to east China area for import warehouse basic resources in net outflow condition, taken together, along with the continuous days boom collapsed, black is the mood of the basic has been released, the next move will return to reason and fundamentals.

Manufacture: on December 24, 24 major cities in China 1.0 mm cold rolled average price 6062 yuan/ton, compared with the previous trading day down 12 yuan/ton.Yesterday futures disadvantaged concussion, hot spot back slightly, market sentiment.Look from cold-rolled fundamentals, production continued to increase supply, sample production 846700 tons, a weekly increase of 02600 tons;Demand side, factory, club continue to fall, library weekly apparent demand for 873500 tons, dropped from 04000 tons, maintain a tight supply and demand balance on the overall trend.Taken together, today is expected to domestic cold-rolled prices steadied.

Plate: on December 24, 24 major cities in China 20 mm plate are 4750 yuan/ton, compared with the previous trading day down 28 yuan/ton.Markets, billet slightly pull up yesterday, but weak futures, affected by the heavy plate prices in the market dominance followed fell, and downstream wait more, poor market clinchs a deal all day long.Resources situation, the recent plate factory prices, market price lock the arrival of the goods is not much new resources.Together, at present the plank market rise fall, combined with the majority of poor market demand, the medium thickness plate price today is expected to continue weakening operation.

Imported ore: on December 24, imported iron ore market prices.Qingdao 61.5% PB powder ore in Australia yesterday at 1115 yuan/ton, compared with the previous trading day up 10 yuan/ton;The 62.5% PB ore at 1245 yuan/ton, compared with the previous trading day up 24 yuan/ton.
Domestic coke coke: on December 24, strong in the market.The supply side, producers coking capacity policy continues to advance, parts of the focal companies have varying degrees of restricting output, coke market continued supply tight, factory inventory little;Demand, steel production to maintain high, demand for coke is better, but in the case of environmental policy strictly implemented, slightly hampered transportation, short-term coke market is expected to continue to run strong stability, later will focus on coking elimination capacity of policy implementation.

Scrap: on December 24, scrap steel market weak.Fell back yesterday black futures continue to trend higher, varieties direction differentiation, strong become weak waste raw material, steel prices on timber fell slightly.Scrap steel market individual steel scrap purchase price began to fall, a fear of heights mood gradually out of the market, the fundamentals have not changed the black, and scrap steel fundamentals, the market resources is still tight, steel mills are still strong demand for steel scrap, stacked tight scrap steel resources, steel mills had winter intention, scrap steel prices still have strong support.Scrap steel prices in the short term or differentiation, parts or correction, correction or scrap steel prices high will drive the ship traders are more active, weaker overall scrap steel prices in the short term is expected to run.

Post time: Dec-25-2020